Rashidi Natara Harper | Executive Producer & Director | Hip Hop Uncovered on FX

Rashidi Natara Harper

Executive Producer / Director

Rashidi Natara Harper is a highly regarded director and producer whose versatility continues to impact music, film, television and the digital space. His dynamic visual style creates visceral depictions of real life.

With award-winning clients that run the gamut of global brands like Apple and Nike to iconic sports figures and musicians, Harper has a mantle of trust from the most influential names in popular culture. He has lensed projects for Mike Tyson, Venus and Serena Williams, Justin Timberlake, Dr. Dre and the Tupac hologram. He was an integral part of the executive team that launched the Apple Music streaming service and its global radio station Beats 1, helping visually brand the new streamer with a viral video that garnered over 20 million views across social media platforms.

Harper’s current passion project is the highly anticipated FX documentary series Hip Hop Uncovered, where he is both director and executive producer.

Jimmy "JimBob" Chris

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