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Timothy Olyphant

Raylan Givens / Executive Producer

Timothy Olyphant Cast

"Raylan Givens," portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, was born and raised in Harlan, but fled after high school to become a Deputy U.S. Marshal. He wound up in Miami, where his Old West tactics involved him in a shooting and resulted in his transfer to Kentucky. Awakening old enemies and stirring up family entanglements, this season Raylan continues to struggle with his role as an absentee father to the now 5-month-old Willa. Before he can join Willa and her mother, Winona, in Florida, Raylan must tie up one last loose end, he must bring down Boyd Crowder. 

Career Highlights
Walton Goggins Cast

Walton Goggins

as Boyd Crowder

Boyd partners with Wynn Duffy and Katherine Hale to take down one final score - a score he hopes will enable him to leave Harlan forever.

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