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Little Demon

Aubrey Plaza

Laura Feinberg / Executive Producer

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"Laura Feinberg," voiced by Aubrey Plaza, is a single mom haunted by a tryst with the literal devil that left her pregnant thirteen years ago, and has been on the run ever since. Fearing her past will catch up with her, she moves from suburb to suburb with her daughter Chrissy. Unfortunately, Laura’s fears are well founded. 

After Chrissy expresses her demonic powers inherited from her father, Satan locates his demon seed. Now that the Devil knows their location, and Chrissy demands to stay in town, Laura must begrudgingly share custody with the man she hates more than anything, while being stuck in suburbia, staying still for the first time in years. She tries to suppress her conflicted feelings about parenthood and her aversion to relinquishing control, but these impulses shine through despite her best efforts.

Career Highlights
Lucy DeVito Headshot

Lucy DeVito

as Chrissy Feinberg / Executive Producer

Chrissy is a 13-year-old girl who, after getting her first period, discovers she’s the Antichrist and has demonic powers.

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