Jeanne Tripplehorn as Eleanor Schlafly | Mrs. America | FX on Hulu

Jeanne Tripplehorn

Eleanor Schlafly

"Eleanor Schlafly," portrayed by Jeanne Tripplehorn, is Fred's sister, a close confidante of Phyllis, and a devoted aunt to Phyllis' six children.

Career Highlights

Tripplehorn is best known for her starring roles in Basic Instinct, Waterworld, The Firm, Sliding Doors and her five-season portrayal of “Barb Henrickson” on HBO’s Big Love. She received an Emmy® nomination for her performance as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the HBO film Grey Gardens. Tripplehorn can most recently be seen in Donal Ward’s We Only Know So Much, the acclaimed series BoJack Horseman for Netflix, and Undone, the first-ever animated series in rotoscope on Amazon Prime.


Melanie Lynskey headshot wearing a navy pattern blouse and orange jacket with black glasses

Melanie Lynskey

as Rosemary Thomson

A homemaker in Schlafly’s inner circle who eagerly joined her fight against the ERA, she became President of the Illinois chapter of Stop ERA.