Walton Goggins as Detective Shane Vendrell | The Shield on FX

Walton Goggins

Detective Shane Vendrell

Walton Goggins returns as the mercurial "Detective Shane Vendrell." After killing Lem in the season finale, Shane's world crumbles as he tries to stay one step ahead of Vic's pursuit of the "real killer."

Career Highlights

Goggins has been working in front of the camera for well over 15 years, starring in countless television shows, movies of the week and feature films. He had the distinct honor of playing “Sammy,” Robert Duvall’s trustworthy friend, in The Apostle for October Films. Additional feature credits include The Bourne Identity, Shanghai Noon opposite Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, Major League III, Joyride directed by John Dahl, Wayward Son, Red Dirt and Billy Bob Thornton’s Daddy and Them. He recently co-starred in the independent feature, The Architect and The World’s Fastest Indian, opposite Anthony Hopkins. These are just a few in a long list of credits that are testament to this actor’s versatility.

Goggins has also been taking his turn behind the camera. He, along with his partners at Ginny Mule Pictures, won an Academy Award® for their short film, The Accountant, which he produced and starred in. The Academy Award winning team produced, directed and starred in their first feature, Chrystal, starring Billy Bob Thornton, and the film was accepted into the 2005 Sundance Film Festival’s Dramatic Competition. Their third endeavor, the feature film Randy and the Mob, will be released later this year.

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