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About the Show

The Weekly is a new documentary TV series from The New York Times, bringing unparalleled journalism to the screen.

Each half-hour episode features a Times journalist investigating one of the most pressing issues of the day. With more than 1,550 journalists scattered across 160 countries, The Times produces 2,500 stories a week – investigative reports, political scoops, cultural dispatches. And each week, The Weekly chooses to tell one of these stories in a visual and unforgettable way.

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The Weekly is the first major foray into television news for both The Times and FX. The series premieres on Sunday, June 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX, with streaming available on Hulu the following day.

The Weekly is produced by The New York Times and Left/Right, a Red Arrow Studios company. Executive producers of The Weekly are Mat Skene, Jason Stallman, Sam Dolnick, Stephanie Preiss, Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver and Mary Robertson.

Season 1
Season 1

Sn.1 Ep.19

"Hands On"

LATEST Sn.1 Ep.19

Hands On

Expires in 32 days

THE WEEKLY investigates the culture of sexualized yoga, unwelcome adjustments and outright assault in one of the most accessible, affordable forms of group fitness in America. An FX Original Series. Sundays at 10 PM.

26 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 11/10

Sn.1 Ep.18

"Guilty by Machine"

LATEST Sn.1 Ep.18

Guilty by Machine

Expires in 25 days

Are police breathalyzers fundamentally flawed? Do they even work? The Weekly investigates one of the most widely used forensic tools in law enforcement. An FX Original Series. Sundays at 10 PM.

27 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/03

Sn.1 Ep.17

"Mr. McGahn"

LATEST Sn.1 Ep.17

Mr. McGahn

Expires in 18 days

Most Americans don't know Donald McGahn's name. But they will be living with his legacy for decades to come. THE WEEKLY tells the story of perhaps the most influential person in the Trump administration. An FX Original Series. Sundays at 10 PM.

27 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 10/27

Sn.1 Ep.16

"Segregated City"

LATEST Sn.1 Ep.16

Segregated City

Expires in 11 days

New York's school system is among the most segregated in the country. Student activists are demanding change. Can a new schools chancellor finally deliver equal opportunities for all? An FX Original Series. Sundays at 10 PM.

26 minutes • TV-PG • Aired 10/20

Sn.1 Ep.15

"Rudy! Rudy?"

LATEST Sn.1 Ep.15

Rudy! Rudy?

Expires in 4 days

After 9/11, he was a national hero: America's Mayor. Now his back-channel work in Ukraine has helped spark an impeachment process that may forever tarnish both him and his client, President Trump. What happened to Rudy Giuliani? An FX Original Series.

26 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 10/13

  • “first-rate exercise in investigative journalism”
    - TV Insider
  • “...for anyone interested in smart television that focuses on fascinating, unique and underreported stories”
    - Mediaite
  • “...authentic, well-produced, and informative, The Weekly achieves exactly what the New York Times intended”
    - The Daily Dot
  • “You’ll come away from every episode of The Weekly ready to impress at the next happy hour with your comprehensive understanding of current events”
    - Decider