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In pursuit of the truth.

The Weekly is a new documentary TV series from The New York Times, bringing unparalleled journalism to the screen.

Each half-hour episode features a Times journalist investigating one of the most pressing issues of the day. With more than 1,550 journalists scattered across 160 countries, The Times produces 2,500 stories a week – investigative reports, political scoops, cultural dispatches. And each week, The Weekly chooses to tell one of these stories in a visual and unforgettable way.

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The Weekly is the first major foray into television news for both The Times and FX. The series premieres on Sunday, June 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX, with streaming available on Hulu the following day.

The Weekly is produced by The New York Times and Left/Right, a Red Arrow Studios company. Executive producers of The Weekly are Mat Skene, Jason Stallman, Sam Dolnick, Stephanie Preiss, Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver and Mary Robertson.

The Weekly Main Art

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The Weekly Episode 1
The Education of T.M. Landry

A tiny school in rural Louisiana attracts national attention for sending students to the Ivy League; a New York Times investigation shows that the viral success stories were full of deception, and that the truth was much darker.

The Weekly Episode 2
The Myth of the Medallion

New York City taxi drivers have been pushed to bankruptcy, foreclosure -- even suicide. A year-long investigation into the collapse of the taxi medallion industry reveals how the system was rigged against the drivers, and who profited from it.

The Weekly Episode 3
Baby Constantin

Separation of children from families at the border is among the most controversial practices of the Trump administration. The Weekly uncovers the story of a baby who spent his first months of life separated from his mother at the U.S. border.

The Weekly Episode 4

An idealistic American couple bicycling around the world. A group of young men radicalized by ISIS. The Weekly investigates HOA these lives tragically intersected on a remote mountain pass.

The Weekly Episode 5
Inauguration, Inc.

An investigation of the anatomy of President Trump's inauguration, the most expensive inaugural weekend the country has ever seen.

The Weekly Episode 6
The End of the Line

As an iconic car company transforms itself into a tech company, thousands of auto workers will lose their jobs. No one thinks it's fair, but does the American economy have room for fairness anymore?

The Weekly Episode 7
Connecting the World

A tragic story about Facebook scammers who pose as American servicemen and prey on vulnerable women - and the tech company that does little to stop it. An FX Original Series.

The Weekly Episode 8
Hard Left

A look at the young activists who are trying to push the Democratic Party further to the left.

The Weekly Episode 9
The Rabbit Hole

YouTube played a major role in the election of an extreme right-wing president in Brazil. If YouTube can change a huge country's trajectory, what else can they do?

The Weekly Episode 10
The Memo

This show covers stories that have been from the NY Times. Here they look into why top U.S. law enforcement officials had an opportunity to limit the Opioid crisis and chose not to.

The Weekly Episode 11
The Six Million Dollar Claim

What happens when the medicine a family needs to survive costs $1.5 million a year? Who pays the bill? And who's reaping the profits?

The Weekly Episode 12
Apple Gold

This show does an overview on stories that have been covered in the NY Times. This time, they trace the supply chain of illegally-mined Colombian gold to your iPhone.

The Weekly Episode 13
The Blueprint

Russia's meddling in the 2016 U.S. election felt like a bolt from the blue. It wasn't. Moscow uses crude versions of the same tactics, to great effect, a decade earlier in far away Estonia.

The Weekly Episode 14
V. Johnson and Johnson

And investigation into a moment when top U.S. law enforcement officials had an opportunity to take on the drugmaker that was planting the seeds for the opioid crisis - but instead chose a less-aggressive path.

The Weekly Episode 15
Rudy! Rudy?

Rudy Giuliani becomes a national hero after the events of 9/11, but his back-channel work in Ukraine helps spark an impeachment process that may forever tarnish both him and his client, President Trump.

The Weekly Episode 16
Segregated City

Students rise up against the segregation in the New York City School district.

The Weekly Episode 17
Mr. McGahn

Don McGahn was White House counsel to Donald Trump. Mr. McGahn helped push over a hundred lifetime appointments for conservative justices of the United States, including two supreme court justices.

The Weekly Episode 18
Guilty by Machine

The New York Times investigates the use of breathalyzers in the police force. Focusing in how accurate and effective they are as a forensic tool.

The Weekly Episode 19
Hands On

The Weekly investigates the culture of inappropriate touching in yoga. They focus in on complaints of unwelcome touching and assault in a booming fitness category in America.

The Weekly Episode 20
El Chapo's Son: The Siege of Culiacán

The Weekly investigates the case of Mexican forces attempting to arrest the son of the notorious drug lord El Chapo. The government's actions ignited a war in the city of Culiacán and we get eye-witness testimony over what transpired.

The Weekly Episode 21
Fake Believe

The Weekly investigates the new technology of deep-fake videos. Deep-fake videos make incredibly realistic videos that are 100% fake and can change how we see the world.

The Weekly Episode 22
The Hot List

The hunt for Jeffrey Epstein's hidden files.

The Weekly Episode 23
The Gallagher Effect

The Weekly discusses exclusive interviews and videos with Eddie Gallagher's Navy SEALS. They get an insight into what war can unfortunately look like from the inside.

The Weekly Episode 24
My Blood

The Weekly follows the story of a 16-year of girl with sickle-cell disease who is attempting to beat the odds with a new gene therapy.

The Weekly Episode 25
The Endorsement

For more than a century, The New York Times editorial board has endorsed a presidential candidate every four years. For the first time, their decision-making process will be revealed to the public.

The Weekly Episode 26
Fire and Water

The siege of Hong Kong Polytechnic University incited 12 days of pure chaos as the world watched in real time on social media. THE WEEKLY reconstructs what happened.

The Weekly Episode 27
The Promise

After a year-long investigation, metro reporter Benjamin Weiser comes across a horrific case of abuse inside one group home in The Bronx, New York.

The Weekly Episode 28
The Sicario

A notorious hitman - who claims to have killed about 100 people - may walk free without being charged with a single crime. Is it a perversion of justice, or a bold approach to fighting crime in Mexico.

The Weekly Episode 29

Balaraba was a teenager when she was kidnapped by Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria. She refused to carry out a suicide bombing, saving dozens of lives. Now for the first time, she's sharing her story openly.

The Weekly Episode 30
Open Arms

American arms manufacturers are supplying bombs in a war that is considered the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Schools, hospitals and mosques are often targets.

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