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Fleur Robinson

WAFC Chief Executive

Career Highlights

Fleur Robinson started her role as Chief Executive Officer at Wrexham AFC in June 2021. Since then, she has seen the Club progress on and off the pitch with the men’s first team progressing alongside massive investment in facilities at the STōK Cae Ras.

Robinson has been a long-time champion of girls’ and women’s football, which has contributed to giant strides at Wrexham over the last two years, with the women’s first team also progressing on and off the pitch. Robinson is also a trustee of Wrexham AFC Community Trust2, which has seen a great growth in its work and scope.

She previously held the position of Commercial Director at Burton Albion, working for the Club as they rose through the divisions to spend two years in the EFL Championship.

An accomplished commercial leader, with a huge passion for putting football at the heart of the community and making a positive difference to people’s lives, Robinson counts one of the major highlights of her career as becoming a founding trustee of the Burton Albion Community Trust.

She is also proud that the Club was awarded, for three consecutive years, the “Family Excellence Award” which recognises the extraordinary quality of the family experience.

During her time at Burton, she also led the huge transformation of the commercial side of the business. This included the launch of the Club’s corporate hospitality and conference facilities, initiatives to increase match day attendance and sponsorship opportunities to bring increased funds into the Club.

Robinson is currently elected to the 120-member FA Council and, having been involved in football since the ‘90s, has seen a great deal of diversification over the years. She is also an Ambassador for BTEC.

Robinson has two daughters aged 16 and 10 and has a BA (Hons) in Business and Innovation.

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