What We Do in the Shadows


"Colin Robinson," played by Mark Proksch, is a day-walking energy vampire who thrives in an office environment where small talk is plentiful and reply-all email chains abound. He had a brief romantic relationship with Evie, an emotional vampire, but has chosen to focus on spending more time with his roomies, despite the fact that they generally can’t stand to be around him. He loves acid jazz, city council meetings and public transportation. No one’s sure how old he is or who invited him to move into the house.

Proksch is an actor, writer and comedian. His acting credits include recurring roles on Emmy®-nominated series Better Call Saul and The Office.

Proksch was cast in The Office off his appearances on morning newscasts as self-proclaimed yo-yo master, Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser. Paste Magazine dubbed the performances "the funniest thing that's ever happened."

He has also appeared in memorable roles on This Is Us, Modern Family, Portlandia, Drunk History, On Cinema, Room 104, New Girl, Hello Ladies and most recently on Showtime’s Black Monday.

Proksch is a talented voice actor who has voiced characters in Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time and Apollo Gauntlet. He is currently a writer and performer on the Stephen Merchant-produced series Dream Corp LLC for Adult Swim.