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What We Do in the Shadows


Mark Proksch

Colin Robinson

"Colin Robinson," portrayed by Mark Proksch, is what is known as an energy vampire. A daywalker of sorts, he feasts on humans -- but not on their blood.

Proksch is an actor, writer and comedian who hails from Wisconsin. As a performer his credits include recurring roles on Better Call Saul and The Office.

Proksch got his start in comedy by appearing on local newscasts as self-proclaimed yo-yo master Kenny "K-Strass" Strasser. The interviewers wouldn't know he was playing a character. His terrible yo-yo tricks and cringeworthy banter led to some hilariously awkward moments. Paste Magazine dubbed the performances "the funniest thing that's ever happened."

Proksch's other acting credits include This is Us, Modern Family, Fresh Off the Boat, Bob’s Burgers, Portlandia, On Cinema, A.P. Bio, Corporate, Hello Ladies, and New Girl. He's currently writing and acting on the Stephen Merchant produced series Dream Corp LLC for Adult Swim.