Dianne McGunigle | Executive Producer | Atlanta on FX

Dianne McGunigle

Executive Producer

Upon graduating from Fordham University, Dianne McGunigle began her career as a trend spotter for Youth Intelligence, a boutique marketing firm based out of New York City. After Youth Intelligence was acquired by Creative Artist Agency in 2003, McGunigle was promoted to talent agent where she went on to create and oversee CAA’s New York comedy department.

In 2013, McGunigle relocated to Los Angeles to become a talent manager and producer at MGMT Entertainment. She was an associate producer on 2015’s Cop Car and currently serves as an executive producer on Desert People, a series in development with Alia Shawkat and Natasha Lyonne. McGunigle is also a producer on the upcoming Searchlight Pictures feature Chevalier, as well as the newest installment in the Final Destination franchise.

She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and dog, Donut.

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