About the Show

Big changes are underway for the Baskets family.

After 49 years, Chip (Zach Galifianakis) decides it’s finally time to move out of his mom’s place. But even with the help of Martha (Martha Kelly) and a life coach, he learns that leaving the nest is hard, to say the least. Christine (Louie Anderson) and Ken (Alex Morris) move into a new place they can call their own, but carpet emergencies and missing kitchen magnets make the transition rockier than expected. And Dale (Zach Galifianakis) has found kindred spirits with his fellow inhabitants at the RV park.


  • “Zach Galifianakis' Baskets Is Still One of the Funniest Shows on TV”
  • “The show is as funny and heartfelt as ever…”
    - IndieWire
  • “one of the best casts on TV”
    - The News & Observer
  • “Anderson is utterly believable as the mom and Galifianakis is perfect (and separate) as each of the twins…”
    - Sioux City Journal
  • “If you’re reading a take on the fourth season of Baskets, it’s likely that you’re already familiar with the show, and just want to confirm it’s still great. It is.”
    - Paste Magazine
  • “In its fourth season, Baskets has transformed into an introspective examination about what it’s like to grow up on one’s own schedule…”
  • “Watching one after another is as easy as eating potato chips…”
    - Sioux City Journal
  • “Baskets Season Four Remains One of TV’s Sweetest Comedic Gems…”
    - Paste Magazine