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About the Show

Nothing brings a family together like a family business – or at least that was the plan.

Welcome to the Baskets Family Rodeo, where Christine is the President and CEO despite never having seen a rodeo before. Chip has his first full-time gig since Arby’s but can barely transfer a phone call, let alone recruit much-needed clowns. And even though Dale is the only one in the family who has run a business, he can’t get anyone to listen to him – his family, the employees, or the horses. Good thing Martha is always nearby to lend a hand (when she's not pursuing Basque shepherds).

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  • “a TV offering of rich and unparalleled…splendor”
    - The Wall Street Journal
  • “Baskets entertains in exactly the fashion that Chip dreams of...finding a way to make us laugh at something true”
    - Vox
  • “brilliant performance of Louie Anderson as [Chip Baskets] mother”
    - The Hollywood Reporter
  • “Baskets on FX weaves a strangely beautiful, delicately weird dark comedy”
    - Los Angeles Times
  • “Galifianakis plays two Baskets brothers…with the acuity and flawless timing one has come to expect from the versatile actor”
    - Variety
  • “ of the greatest comedies of the year”
    - The Daily Beast
  • “it’s a good mix of highbrow humor and silly, kick-in-the-pants laughs”
    - Entertainment Weekly
  • “Martha Kelly…gives a wonderfully deadpan performance”
    - Los Angeles Times

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