Darren Evans as Ash y Goedwig in The Bastard Executioner | FX

Darren Evans

Ash y Goedwig

Darren Evans portrays "Ash y Goedwig," an orphan who raised himself in the forests of west Wales. Ash is a skilled trapper with an uncanny connection to animals, but has trouble navigating in the human world. He looks up to Wilkin and Toran and longs to be a useful part of their crew.

Career Highlights

Evans has amassed an increasing number of feature film and television credits over the past decade. Evans is best known for playing “Kenny Loder” in the feature film Hunky Dory and “Danny Two Hats” in the E4 series My Mad Fat Diary. He also had a recurring role on the series Galavant and appeared on the BBC series Being Human. His feature credits include Summer Scars, Submarine, Little Man, and The Fifth Estate.

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Kurt Sutter

as The Dark Mute / Executive Producer

Dark Mute is Annora’s deadly protector. His cloaked visage shrouds a deep, hideous secret.