Ethan Griffiths as Lucca Maddox in The Bastard Executioner | FX

Ethan Griffiths

Luca Maddox

Ethan Griffiths portrays "Luca Maddox." Forced to inherit the trade of his father, Gawain, Luca’s innocence is hardened by his bloody service in the torture chamber.

Career Highlights

With The Bastard Executioner being his first major credit, Ethan Griffiths is an emerging stage and screen actor. Originally from Swansea, United Kingdom, he has trained in comedy, musical theatre and voiceover work under Luan Davies of Stagecoach Theatre Arts. His multiple talents, in addition to acting, include playing violin, singing and dancing.

Elen Rhys

as Petra Brattle

Petra is Wilkin’s wife who reluctantly supports his fight against the brutal taxation of their Baron.