Daisy Haggard as Ally | Breeders on FX


"Ally," portrayed by Daisy Haggard, is currently managing to balance all aspects of her life. She is a nurturing mother, a loyal daughter, a skilled business woman and a loving wife. But, every now and then, something outside of her control threatens to unsettle everything.

Haggard is a hugely respected actress and writer who is perhaps best known for her portrayal of “Myra Licht” in comedy series Episodes opposite Matt LeBlanc and Tasmin Greig, a role she reprised frequently over five seasons. She is also known for her roles as “Emmy” in Channel 4’s Green Wing and as “Debbie Hart” in the BBC comedy horror series Psychoville.

In 2019, Haggard wrote, produced and starred in the BBC comedy Back to Life which aired on Showtime in the U.S., and received critical acclaim and an enormous response from audiences, with The Guardian claiming, “The beauty of the script and the performances… will take your breath away.” Haggard created a character who brought joy to the screens as protagonist “Miri Matteson.” The show follows Miri’s return home after 18 years in prison as she attempts to integrate back into her old life. The comedy series focuses on the formation of old and new relationships, the search for work and readjustment to outside life whilst managing a reputation in a small-town environment.

Her recent credits include season three of Black Mirror for Netflix, Calloused Hands, I Give It A Year and Honeymooner. Additionally, she has starred in Ballot Monkeys, Uncle, Man Stroke Woman, Sense & Sensibility, Parents, Doctor Who and The Persuasionists.

Haggard’s theater credits include the lead role of “Becky” in Becky Shaw at the Almeida Theatre, You For Me For You at the Royal Court and Consent by Nina Raine at the National Theatre.