Todd A. Kessler | Executive Producer, Creator, Writer | Damages on FX

Todd A. Kessler

Executive Producer / Creator / Writer

Todd A. Kessler, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of Damages, wrote and produced the second and third seasons of HBO's The Sopranos; Michael Mann's Robbery Homicide Division, and the first season of NBC's Providence. Kessler began his career as a playwright working with David Rabe, and segued into film and television when Spike Lee hired him as a screenwriter. Kessler graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University with a degree in Dramatic Literature and Playwriting, and has twice been a Visiting Artist at Harvard, teaching screenwriting seminars.

In addition to writing and executive producing Damages, Kessler has also acted in and directed several episodes of the series. He has been nominated for seven Emmys and three Golden Globe Awards. Most recently, Kessler was nominated for a 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series on behalf of Damages, in addition to the show’s 2009 Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Drama Series.

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Executive Producer / Creator / Writer