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Michelle Williams

Gwen Verdon / Executive Producer

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Quite simply the greatest Broadway dancer of the twentieth century, Gwen Verdon, portrayed by Michelle Williams, grew up – like Bob – performing in burlesque shows as a child, before she went on to an early career with famed choreographer Jack Cole. Gwen soon found fame on Broadway – where she met her lifelong collaborator and second husband, Bob Fosse.

Once a household name, Gwen will find herself increasingly in Bob’s shadow, her pivotal role in his work too often overlooked and unappreciated. While Bob’s star as a director begins to rise, Gwen watches her own celebrity fade, a victim to changing tastes and the entertainment industry’s cult of youth. As her husband’s volatility and philandering make their marriage increasingly untenable, Gwen will struggle to break away from Bob and build her own identity, but again and again, the two will be drawn back together, bound equally by love and ambition.

Career Highlights
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Norbert Leo Butz

as Paddy Chayefsky

When Paddy Chayefsky speaks, Bob Fosse listens. But even Paddy will struggle to get through to his friend as his behavior, and his appetites, grow increasingly out of control.

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