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Oldest & boldest of friends.

It’s 25 years since six ordinary men bared all in The Full Monty. The world has changed a lot since then, but what’s become of the Monty gang? 

Gaz is now a grandad but he’s not growing old gracefully. He’s as full of mad schemes as ever and his teenage daughter’s following in his footsteps. Dave plods along, devoted to his wife Jean and their dog Tallulah. But Jean needs more from Dave than his daily updates on Tallulah’s toileting, especially now she’s headmistress of a school plagued with issues. Lomper and Dennis are married and trying to keep their dwindling café afloat.

Retired Gerald is baffled by the modern world, but it’s Horse who’s truly been left behind. When his attempt to fight back misfires, the Monty gang pull together to pay tribute to the friendships of a lifetime.

Two men inside a building,, on wearing a green paid shirt and the other a blue polo shirt
Official Trailer

Friendships & legacy continue.

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