Robert Carlyle as "Gaz" | The Full Monty on FX

Robert Carlyle


Older but not wiser, "Gaz," portrayed by Robert Carlyle, hasn’t leaned away from his mischievous ways and is constantly on the lookout for the next misguided (mildly illegal) get-rich-quick scheme. Despite the cheeky grin, everything Gaz does is for his friends and family, especially his two children, Nathan and Destiny, and grandson, Ben. Because he often misses the mark, Gaz has never been able to hold down a partner for very long and relies on his friends for company. In reality, no woman could ever come close to the real love of Gaz’s life—his best friend, Dave. Dave pulls Gaz back down to reality and Gaz lights a fire under Dave—they would be lost without each other.

Career Highlights

Robert Carlyle hails from Maryhill, Glasgow and graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 1991.

For his first high-profile TV role as the eponymous hero in the BBC’s hit series Hamish Macbeth, Carlyle received a BAFTA® nomination for Best Actor. Other television roles include Looking After Jo Jo for BBC Scotland, Gunpowder, Treason & Plot, Class of ‘76 and The Last Enemy. Carlyle was nominated for a Primetime Emmy® Award for Human Trafficking in 2006 and won a BAFTA Scotland Award for an early episode of Cracker

Carlyle’s recent television work includes COBRA (Sky One) with the third series having entered production in late 2022, The War of the Worlds (BBC/Mammoth Screen), Once Upon a Time (ABC), feature length drama Flood for ITV1, 24: Redemption, a television movie of the popular U.S. series 24, and the smash hit series Stargate Universe, featuring Carlyle as “Doctor Nicholas Rush.”  

On the big screen, Carlyle recently shot Shira Piven’s The Performance and, in 2022, was seen in Carly Stone’s North of Normal. He played John Lennon in Richard Curtis’ Yesterday and has starred in classics such as Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting and T2 Trainspotting; multi-award-winning British film The Full Monty; The World Is Not Enough as part of the James Bond series; The 51st State (Alliance Atlantis); Eragon (20th Century Studios); 28 Weeks Later (DNA Films); Stone of Destiny (Infinity Features Entertainment); Kenny Glenaan’s Summer and Samantha Morton’s The Unloved.

Carlyle has also directed for the stage and screen. In 2015, he directed and starred in the feature film The Legend of Barney Thomson, which won a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Feature Film and Carlyle nominations for Best Actor - Film and Best Directing in Film or Television.

Mark Addy

as Dave

Having suffered from low self-esteem and a low wage throughout his life, Dave is delighted with his current work as caretaker at Sheffield Spires Academy.