Charlotte Riley as Lottie | A Christmas Carol on FX

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Charlotte Riley

Lottie / Ghost of Christmas Present

Charlotte Riley Headshot

"Lottie," portrayed by Charlotte Riley, was "Scrooge’s" elder sister. Was, because she is dead. Or was dead, because now she has sent herself back to the world of the living to try her turn at saving Scrooge’s hardened soul. With fire and love and anger in her heart she will force Scrooge to see difficult truths.

Career Highlights
Joe Alwyn Headshot

Joe Alwyn

as Bob Cratchit

His loyalty is not rewarded, and yet he persists at Scrooge’s, wryly returning banter with his boss and letting things lie, until the stakes get much, much higher. And he won’t take any more.

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