Tiarna Williams as Belinda Cratchit | A Christmas Carol on FX

Tiarna Williams

Belinda Cratchit

"Belinda Cratchit," portrayed by Tiarna Williams, is feisty and loving. She’s always ready with a quip and retort and is active and fast of foot when needs be.

Career Highlights

Williams is a passionate 11-year-old actor, but that wasn’t always the case. Starting off as a model, acting wasn’t her top priority, but the Coventry-born Williams quickly found her feet after landing a number of TV commercials.

Following that, she landed her two biggest jobs to date, a role in the BBC production of Les Miserables, and a subsequent role in FX’s A Christmas Carol.

Since Les Miserables Williams has pushed ahead with her acting ambitions. Working with Olivia Coleman was a dream for Williams; seeing how down to earth some of the top actors are has really made her keen to act on a full-time basis. The five-hour round trip to London for auditions doesn’t faze her.

Still based in Coventry, Williams has continued her training. Over the last 18 months, taking part in a TV workshop, her script learning has developed leaps and bounds. Most recently, she was accepted to join the older age group of the workshop.


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