Man Seeking Woman

Katie Findlay stars as “Lucy Parker”, a fiery, smart graphic designer who dates Josh this season, despite being significantly cooler than he is. Although outwardly successful, Lucy is in some ways stunted in her maturity. She’s financially irresponsible, has a combative relationship with her parents, and regularly loses her temper. In order to overcome the obstacles of a long-term relationship she'll need to learn to compromise, forgive and grow up.

Findlay is a Vancouver native and has been studying acting since childhood. Findlay is known for her explosive storyline throughout the first season of Shonda Rhimes’ hit series, How To Get Away With Murder, where she starred as “Rebecca,” a tough Philly girl, murder suspect and love interest to her neighbor to Wes (Alfred Enoch).

TV audiences may also know Findlay from previously starring in the CW’s Carrie Diaries, as “Maggie Landers.” She has had multiple guest starring roles on television but gained particular attention in 2011 when she was cast as the doomed teenager “Rosie Larsen” in AMC’s series The Killing, and was used as the face of the marketing campaign for the shows acclaimed first season.

Most recently, Findlay wrapped a currently untitled musical project for digital platform Go90 starring as “Hannah Miller,” an aspiring singer/songwriter. With music and lyrics by acclaimed artist and composer Duncan Sheik, it is anticipated to launch later this year.

Findlay’s feature film credits include The Philosophers, Dark Stranger, and Premature.