John Hodgman as Bernie | Married on FX

John Hodgman


Seemingly the most happily married of the crew, "Bernie," played by John Hodgman, travels through life without a care or a clue of how he’s perceived.

Career Highlights

Before he went on television, John Hodgman was a simple writer, humorist, expert, and former professional literary agent living in New York City. In this capacity, he has served as the Humor Editor for The New York Times Magazine, frequent contributor to “This American Life,” advice columnist for McSweeney’s, comic book reviewer for The New York Times Book Review, and a freelance journalist specializing in food, culture, non-wine alcohol, Battlestar Galactica, and most other subjects.

This was enough of a career for any human. But then he wrote a book of invented trivia and completely fake facts entitled The Areas of my Expertise and was asked to appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Since then, he has unexpectedly become a comedian and famous minor television personality, appearing as the “PC” in a series of television ads for Apple® computers, and guest roles as “the person wearing glasses” in a variety of films and TV shows, including Coraline, Community, and Battlestar Galactica (a show he once wrote about as a journalist). Additionally, he appeared as Jason Schwartzman’s nemesis, “Louis Greene” on all three seasons of HBO’s Bored to Death.

Two bestselling books followed The Areas of my Expertise, concluding his Complete World Knowledge trilogy in 2012 with the apocalyptic That Is All. Hodgman also recently starred in his own Netflix special John Hodgman: Ragnarok. As a comedian, he has headlined at clubs and theaters around the country, including the San Francisco Sketchfest. He is a two time main stage speaker at the TED conference, the former color commentator at the Emmys®, and most surreally, he grilled the President of the United States on his nerd credentials at the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner in 2009.

Judge John Hodgman is a more-or-less weekly podcast in which Hodgman listens to real life disputes on issues such as: Is chili a soup or a stew? Is this room in my house called an “office” or a “den” or “a room full of junk.” Is a machine gun a robot?

From time to time, he is asked to explain his professional life, and in particular, the effect of this dramatic and surprising change of fortune, and typically, he finds he cannot do it.

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