Ari Posner | Co-Executive Producer, Writer | Married on FX

Ari Posner

Co-Executive Producer / Writer

Ari Posner is not a fan of the short bio form. He promised his wife Jill, and children Benji and Natalie, that he would mention them by the end of the second sentence.

A writer and Supervising Producer on Married, Posner has written for network and cable TV for 20 years, including half-hour comedies like Reba, Jake in Progress and Call Me Fitz, as well as hour-long dramas Hart of Dixie, Mental and Popular.

A former journalist, he has contributed to The New York Times, Slate and The New Republic, among other publications. He teaches screenwriting at Cal State University-Fullerton, and is a graduate of U.S.C. School of Cinema Arts and Harvard College.

He is still not a fan of bios, but at least this one is over.

Samantha Mcintyre

Co-Executive Producer / Writer