Mr Inbetween

Scott Ryan is the series creator and plays “Ray Shoesmith.” At age 40, we may sense that under Ray’s inscrutable surface he’s having something of a midlife crisis.

His daughter Brittany is growing up, there are tensions with his ex-wife, he’s been court ordered to attend anger management classes with a ‘bunch of wife bashers and child beaters,’ and work stress sometimes leads him to need pills to sleep through the night. Besides all this, the world seems full of assholes strategically placed to antagonize Ray, and who need to be taught that they can’t get away with disrespecting him.

“In jail, there’s consequences. You disrespect somebody, you can end up dead,” observes Ray, but in the outside world this so rarely happens. Hence, Ray takes it upon himself, increasingly as the series goes on, to be that consequence.

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