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Joely Richardson

Julia McNamara

Joely Richardson Cast

Joely Richardson plays “Julia McNamara,” the ex-wife of Dr. Sean McNamara and the mother of Matt (whose biological father is Dr. Christian Troy), Annie and Conor. Last season, before the birth of Conor, Julia learned that her baby would be born with ectrodactyly (“lobster claw syndrome”) and kept this information from Sean well into her pregnancy. After having an affair with Conor’s night nurse Marlowe (Peter Dinklage), Julia divorced Sean and left Miami for New York. This season, Julia brings Annie and Conor to Los Angeles for a visit – and reveals that she is already in a new romantic relationship. 

Career Highlights
John Hensley Cast

John Hensley

as Matt McNamara

The biological son of Christian and Julia, who considers both Christian and Sean to be his fathers.

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