Jacob Slater as Paul "Cookie" Cook | Pistol on FX

Jacob Slater

Paul "Cookie" Cook

Jacob Slater stars as Paul “Cookie” Cook, Sex Pistols’ drummer. Best friends since childhood, Cookie and Steve are inseparable. Cookie also grew up poor, but his parents adore him - so much so, that his drum kit lives in their bedroom, the only room big enough to accommodate it. Cookie’s background gives him the strength of character to harness the anarchy of the world’s most explosive band.

Career Highlights

Slater’s role in Danny Boyle’s Pistol marks the British actor and musician’s acting debut.

Slater made a sizeable splash as vocalist and songwriter of hedonistic young London punks, The Dead Pretties. The band attracted headlines for their brash, blistering live performances, leaving every ounce of sweat and energy out on the stage. But the ‘Pretties split up before they’d barely started, a riotous conclusion to a chaotic young band. It’s a story reminiscent of the erratically brilliant Sex Pistols themselves, and as Paul Cook, Slater doesn’t have to revert too far from type to channel the chaos and confusion that made the Pistols one of the most notorious and unpredictable bands of all time.

Slater has recently launched a solo project under the Wunderhorse moniker, attracting the headlines with his acclaimed debut single, “Teal.”

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