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Toby Wallace

Steve Jones

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Toby Wallace stars as Steve Jones, lead guitarist of the Sex Pistols. One of Britain’s countless millions of desperately poor and conveniently forgotten youth, Steve’s childhood is worse than most. He never knew his father; his mother is indifferent and his stepfather is abusive.

Outwardly charming, funny and charismatic, Steve hides his damage beneath an imaginary “Cloak of Invisibility.” His initial bid for identity is as lead singer of Kutie Jones and his Sex Pistols. But according to mentors Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, Steve’s very damaged - which is very good, but he’s too damaged to be up front. He must plow all that damage into the music - and so the lead guitarist of the Sex Pistols (and Rolling Stone’s 97th greatest rock guitarist of all time), is born.

Career Highlights
Jacob Slater Headshot

Jacob Slater

as Paul "Cookie" Cook

Best friends since childhood, Cookie and Steve are inseparable.

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