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Staring death in the face. It's a living.

Rescue Me examines the fraternal nature and relationships of the men in a New York City firehouse, the crew of 62 Truck. The series tackles the dramatic aspects of dealing with the day-to-day life and death issues associated with being a firefighter, while not shying away from the comedy of men living together, or the way in which firefighters use dark humor as a device to mask their emotions.

Tommy Gavin is the senior firefighter of his crew and is trying to cope with the stress of his many years on the job -- pre- and post-9/11. For the first time in his career, Gavin is dealing with the emotional trauma of his profession as he questions his courage, ability, faith and future. He feels an enormous responsibility to conceal his fear and anxiety, to maintain a strong façade for his colleagues, and to uphold the memory of his fallen friends, most of all his best friend and cousin, Jimmy Keefe.


Season 7

In the final season of FX’s Rescue Me, Tommy loses his job over a news feature that suggests fault within the FDNY


With Damian confined to a chair and a new baby on the way, Sheila and Janet join forces and shake-up Tommy's family life.


The guys go stir crazy waiting to catch a job. Lou fakes his physical, a news team memorializes Jimmy, and Tommy is saved by an unfamiliar face.


Tommy swoops into action, putting an end to Kelly's dull date and to his spell of uselessness. Lou becomes godfather, Colleen finds a dress, and Tommy sits down for his interview.


What starts as a controlled interview takes a turn for the worse, ending in a full-on brawl. The beef continues even after the guys survive a harrowing scenario at a call.


Tommy has his badge revoked when his latest tirade goes national. But Sheila's two-pronged attack hits Tommy's critics where they least expect it, vindicating Tommy and clearing the Gavin family name.


A day at ground zero inspires Tommy to write letters to his loved ones. When Lou betrays his trust, Tommy returns to ground zero with an old friend.


Franco demands a sense of responsibility around the house, but a precarious call puts his leadership skills to the test. Lou delivers Tommy's letters unbeknownst to Tommy.


In the tradition of the Gavin family, Colleen's wedding is an emotional if not debaucherous affair. The high spirits quickly fade, however, when the guys tackle the mother of all fires.


In the aftermath of the fire, the members of 62 truck struggle to pick up the pieces and look towards the future. Down at The Rock, the new probies receive a familiar speech and stand before a new leader.

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