Adam Ferrara as Chief 'Needles' Nelson | Rescue Me on FX

Adam Ferrara

Chief 'Needles' Nelson

Adam Ferrara portrays "Needles Nelson," who must tighten the reigns as the rest of the crew checks out - some physically, some emotionally, and others mentally.

Career Highlights

Ferrara has been praised for his impeccable comedic timing and superior acting chops. At the Television Critics Association Awards, fellow comedian Denis Leary even said, “Adam Ferrara is a great comedian, but he’s really pissing me off now because he’s become such a great dramatic actor.” Ferrara first piqued Leary’s interest on ABC’s The Job, when Leary hired him to play detective “Tommy Minetti” on the TV series. The two once again joined forces for FX’s drama Rescue Me and its accompanying comedy tour. After the success of 2010’s Rescue Me Comedy Tour, Leary, Ferrara, and Lenny Clarke will be heading out across the country once again promoting the new season. 

Ferrara’s screen credits have included Universal Pictures’ Definitely Maybe with Ryan Reynolds and Isla Fisher and Sony’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop with Kevin James. Starting his career on NBC’s Caroline In The City, Ferrara has also appeared as a series regular in ABC’s The Job, guest starred on NBC’s Law & Order and reprised roles in CBS’s The King Of Queens and ABC’s Ugly Betty. Ferrara also is a regular on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, The View and Rachel Ray. The two-time nominee for best male stand-up by the American Comedy Awards always brings the stage to life with his honest, clever and fearless perspective on family, relationships and himself. In the fall of 2010, Ferrara additionally began hosting The History Channel’s highly anticipated BBC import Top Gear

Apart from opening for his comedy idol, George Carlin, and performing at both Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall, Ferrara also had the opportunity to perform at a benefit for the President and all of the Senators. Stuck in traffic on the way to the event, Ferrara quipped, “I’ve waited this long for healthcare, now they can wait for me.” 

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