Evan Reilly | Co-Executive Producer, Writer, Director | Rescue Me on FX

Evan Reilly

Co-Executive Producer

Evan Reilly works on Rescue Me. He not only works on it, he eats it, dreams it, lives it and occasionally bathes in it. He’s produced and written it and got his first directorial assignment from the show during the seventh season. Working on Rescue Me is all Reilly does and is pretty much all he’s ever done. At least, that was the case until the series ended. Now he works as a writer and Co-Executive Producer on the AMC zombie series The Walking Dead

But really it’s just a matter of time before Evan becomes completely disillusioned with show business, goes insane and winds up renting surfboards on a beach in Mexico, forty pounds overweight, drinking cervezas, picking nachos out of his giant scraggly ginger beard and cultivating a melanoma while trying to write a pretentious novel. About show business. And he’s okay with that. 

Leslie Tolan

Co-Executive Producer