Devyn Tyler as Veronique | Snowfall on FX

Devyn Tyler


Devyn Tyler plays “Veronique” in FX’s Snowfall. A lawyer helping to expand Franklin’s real estate investments which, in season six, are hanging by a thread. She’s smart and ambitious, her drive doesn’t define her even as she works to escape her own checkered past. Veronique and Franklin have big dreams for their future, including the future of the child that they’re expecting together, which has Veronique planning to thrive at all costs.

Career Highlights

Devyn Tyler is an actress, teacher and scholar from New Orleans, Louisiana. She graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Francophone Studies and is fluent in French.

Gail Bean

as Wanda Bell

Wanda Bell is a former member of Franklin’s crew who went toe-to-toe battling addiction, having her life seemingly destroyed by crack cocaine and surviving on the tough streets of South L.A.