Elwood Reid | Executive Producer, Writer | The Bridge on FX

Elwood Reid

Executive Producer / Writer

Elwood Reid grew up in the suburbs of Ohio. He’s worked as a carpenter, cook, bartender, bouncer and teacher. He graduated from the University of Michigan with an MFA in Creative Writing and is the author of a collection of short stories, What Salmon Know and three novels, If I Don’t Six, Midnight Sun and D.B. He has contributed work to GQ, Outside Magazine, Details and numerous anthologies.

In television, he has worked on Close To Home, Blind Justice, Undercovers, Cold Case and Hawaii Five-O. He is currently the showrunner for the 2013 Peabody Award-winning hour-long drama, The Bridge, a SHINE and FX Production (based on the Scandanavian series, Bron) presently in its second season.

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