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About the Show

In The Choe Show, world-renowned artist David Choe turns his eccentric, compassionate and disruptive worldview into a lens for an audience to experience a kind of radical empathy for others. From the walls of his childhood home, Choe takes his guests on a journey where he is both a motivational interviewer and compassionate listener. While using the acts of art and play, both Choe and his guests depart on a journey of shared emotional experience. It is through their bonded and authentic connection that Choe is able to bring forth an of-the-moment honesty to the portraiture he’s creating.

Created by David Choe, The Choe Show is executive produced by Choe, Matt Revelli and Christopher Chen of Choe Show LLC, plus Hiro Murai and Nate Matteson of Super Frog Entertainment. The series is directed by Paco Raterta.

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