Eddie Izzard as Wayne Malloy | The Riches on FX

The Riches

Eddie Izzard

Wayne Malloy

eddie izzard cast

"Wayne Malloy," portrayed by Eddie Izzard, yearns to live an extraordinary life. After bringing his traveler family to suburban Eden Falls to take over the lives of a dead yuppie couple, Wayne has proved himself adept at impersonating lawyer “Doug Rich,” and charmed his way up the corporate chain to become a partner at Panco. Wayne is driven by his aspirations to steal the American Dream and now to score “the big con,” but is it all worth it with mounting odds and resurging ghosts from his past? Not to mention evidence that his marriage and family could fracture under the stress?  

Career Highlights
minnie driver cast

Minnie Driver

as Dahlia Malloy

After spending two years in a jail cell, Dahlia has taken on the matriarchic role of “Cherien Rich” with gusto.

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