Minnie Driver as Dahlia Malloy | The Riches on FX

The Riches

Minnie Driver

Dahlia Malloy

minnie driver cast

"Dahlia Malloy," portrayed by Minnie Driver, is a fireball. After spending two years in a jail cell, Dahlia has taken on the matriarchic role of “Cherien Rich” with gusto. She believes that her family must stick together in order to pull off the life as “The Riches,” so she’s upset to see that lies that brought them to Eden Falls have begun to take their toll on her family. This discovery leads Dahlia on a quest for truth and honesty that is at direct odds with her husbands’ ambition.

Career Highlights
noel fisher cast

Noel Fisher

as Cael Malloy

Wayne and Dahlia’s oldest son and the only Malloy to truly question and ultimately reject life as a buffer.

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