Glen Mazzara | Executive Producer, Writer | The Shield on FX

Glen Mazzara

Executive Producer / Writer

Glen Mazzara is currently Executive Producer/Writer for the sixth season of the 2003 Golden Globe® winner for Best Television Drama, The Shield. He has been a member of the core writing staff of the groundbreaking police drama since its first season.

Mazzara was raised in Queens, New York. He developed an interest in writing at an early age, and went on to attend NYU, where he earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in English. His first success as a writer came in 1994, when his one act play, My Father Hates the Rain, was performed at Brown University’s George Houston Bass Play-Rites Festival.

Before beginning his career in Hollywood, Mazzara spent 13 years as a hospital administrator in New York City. In 1998, Mazzara left the hospital for a friend’s couch in Los Angeles, determined to become a film and television writer. He soon sold freelance scripts to the syndicated series Big Wolf on Campus and to CBS’s Nash Bridges, which led to two years on staff at that show.

In addition to writing on The Shield, Mazzara is currently writing the feature film Quiet Soldier for Mission Pictures and developing new shows for 20th Century Fox Television. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three sons. 

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