Scott Rosenbaum | Executive Producer, Writer | The Shield on FX

Scott Rosenbaum

Executive Producer / Writer

Scott Rosenbaum is currently serving the sixth year of his court appointed sentence as a writer/producer on FX’s award winning drama The Shield. An original member of the writing staff since the shows Golden Globe® winning first season, Rosenbaum’s written or co-written 14 episodes since the shows inception. He grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and later studied English, Creative Writing and Film at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI before moving out to Los Angeles.

Rosenbaum is currently writing a pilot for 20th Century Fox. His feature film credits include film projects at Lynch Entertainment and Parkwood Pictures. Prior to joining The Shield's writing staff, he was a writer on the Columbia Tri-Star, UPN produced half-hour Grown Ups.

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