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Brother against brother

Tyrant is the story of an unassuming American family drawn into the inner workings of a turbulent Middle Eastern nation. Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed (Adam Rayner), the youngest son of a war-torn country’s controversial dictator, returns to his homeland after a self-imposed decades-long exile in America. Barry’s American wife Molly (Jennifer Finnigan), and their teenage children, Emma (Anne Winters) and Sammy (Noah Silver), come with him.

Before long, Barry is forced back into the treacherous familial and national politics of his youth. When his emotionally volatile brother Jamal (Ashraf Barhom) assumes the presidency, he offers Barry a key position within his cabinet. Driven by visions of introducing humanitarian freedoms to his homeland, Barry decides to stay, advising his family to return to the U.S. without him. It’s soon obvious that Abuddin will never be free under Jamal’s tyranny, so Barry colludes with members of the U.S. government to initiate a coup. When that plan fails, Barry is sentenced to be executed. However, unwilling to be the direct cause of his brother’s death, Jamal fakes Barry’s execution, and instead releases him into the desert, where he is rescued from certain death by a Bedouin family. Overwhelmed by the family’s generosity – and powerfully drawn to its beautiful young matriarch Daliyah (Melia Kreiling) – Barry becomes even more committed to ending the corrupt Al-Fayeed rule.

Under the alias “Khalil,” Barry joins the insurgency and swiftly becomes both a leader and a symbol of hope. Back at the palace, Jamal’s wife, Leila (Moran Atias), secretly plots against her husband by working with the Arab League to remove Jamal from office in order to secure a future for her son, Ahmed (Cameron Gharaee). However, the family comes together when Abuddin becomes a target of the Caliphate. Jamal forms an unlikely alliance with the mysterious “Khalil” to fend off the attack, led by longtime Al-Fayeed opponent Ihab Rashid (Alexander Karim). Together, the President and rebel leader “Khalil” turn back the Caliphate invaders, and Barry is reunited with his shocked family.

Just as Jamal begins to deliver his victory address, he is shot by Nusrat (Sibylla Deen), his daughter-in-law whom he assaulted on her wedding night. With Jamal’s fate unclear, the future of Abuddin rests once again in Barry’s hands. As the interim President, he seeks to build a new Abuddin – with a government by the people and for the people – beginning by holding a Presidential election to name his replacement. But the nation’s distrust of the Al-Fayeeds and the perception of Barry as “an American” may be obstacles too great to overcome. The unsolicited U.S. support he receives in the form of General William Cogswell (Chris Noth), a man who has history with Leila, may further fan the flames.

Tyrant is produced by Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions.


Season 3

In the final season of Tyrant, Barry Al-Fayeed seeks to build a new Abuddin as interim president – with a government by the people.


With Jamal’s life in danger and Abuddin on the verge of plunging into chaos, Barry steps forward as interim president and sets the stage for democratic elections. Daliyah takes a leading role in the nation, bringing her close to Barry. Swept up in the tides of revenge, army leaders overstep their bounds in securing peace. An American General who shares history with Leila arrives in Abuddin.


Barry discovers that his hold over Abuddin is tenuous. Sammy embarks on a risky relationship. Ihab's desire for revenge is given an outlet. Fauzi returns to Abuddin and is thrust into a political role. Molly’s routine visit to a military hospital goes awry, spelling terrible consequences for the future of Abuddin.

The Dead and the Living

Barry and Molly employ every means available to prevent a personal tragedy. Fauzi and Daliyah become close through work, emboldening Fauzi to hope for a romantic future. Ahmed makes a dark discovery about Nusrat’s past.

A Prayer for Our Daughters

Barry and Molly are reeling over Emma's murder. Molly, in particular, is not functioning well, as she can't get over the fact that Emma's last words were to call out "Mommy". As such, she can only think of retaining whatever memories she has of Emma, those memories which require as much physical evidence as possible, and seeing Ihab dead in an eye for an eye. Barry too wants to see Ihab dead, but has to take a measured response which is seen as being Presidential, even in light of the personal tragedy.

A Rock and a Hard Place

In the wake of thwarted terrorist attacks, Barry bans open prayer at the University - causing a severe backlash. Al-Qadi speaks out against violence and restriction of religious freedom. Bereft and alone, Barry and Daliyah turn to each other for comfort. Leila’s campaign heats up, alongside her relationship with Cogswell.

Truth and Dignity

Barry's tough policies put Daliyah in grave danger. Al-Qadi enacts a risky plan to broach peace. Fauzi puts his feelings on the line, leaving Daliyah conflicted. As the elections reel out of control, Barry cracks down on the political process. Leila's relationship with Cogswell creates a wedge between her and her sister.


Haunted by Emma's death and his failure to kill Ihab, Barry pushes away his closest allies - including Daliyah. Leila leaves the government in protest and forms an unlikely partnership. Cogswell takes radical action against a blackmailer. Ihab forms a connection with Mahdiya, while the Caliphate ramps up plans to invade Abuddin.

Ask for the Earth

Molly returns to Abuddin with a hardened resolve to pursue her daughter’s killer. Mahdiya is entrusted with a critical job. Leila and Cogswell relish in a brief escape from the world -- only to find that escape is impossible. Barry is thrown by Molly’s cold determination and haunted by images of the daughter he failed. Stuck between the woman he loves, the woman he loved, and the daughter he lost, Barry takes a hard line with the country.

How to Live

Abuddin descends into chaos. Daliyah persuades Fauzi to leave so he can be a voice of dissent, and she takes a public stand against Barry. In an attempt to regain control, Barry gives Maloof authority to shut down Leila’s opposition, and Ahmed joins to pressure his mother to surrender. Cogswell makes a forceful move that puts his career in jeopardy.

Two Graves

Barry and Molly are on the brink of waging war on the Caliphate. Leila makes a bold political move and braves the possibility of a close betrayal. Barry and Daliyah face a final reckoning in their relationship. The conflict in Abuddin threatens to turn into a bloody civil war.

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