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Mark Proksch

Colin Robinson

"Colin Robinson," portrayed by Mark Proksch, is a day-walking vampire who thrives in an office environment where small talk is plentiful and reply-all email chains abound. Then he died, then an infant version of him clawed its way out of his corpse’s chest cavity, then he grew back to full adulthood in just a few short months, and now he is still around and still annoying. 

Career Highlights

Mark Proksch is an actor, writer and comedian. His television credits include recurring roles on the Emmy®-nominated series Better Call Saul and The Office.

Proksch was cast in The Office off his appearances on morning newscasts as self-proclaimed yo-yo master Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser. The newscasters were unaware that “K-Strass” was a fictional character created by Proksch. Paste Magazine dubbed the performances “the funniest thing that's ever happened.”

Proksch has also appeared in memorable roles on This Is Us, Modern Family, Portlandia, Drunk History, Room 104, New Girl, Hello Ladies and SHOWTIME’s Black Monday. He regularly appears with Tim Heidecker on the cult favorite On Cinema. He is also in the upcoming feature Maximum Truth from writers Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen.

Proksch is a talented voice actor who has voiced characters in Bob's Burgers (FOX), Adventure Time (Cartoon Network), 10-Year-Old Tom (HBO Max), Central Park (Apple TV+) and The Great North (Amazon). He will next be voicing a role in Exploding Kittens (Netflix). 

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