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FXX’s Archer is an original animated, half-hour comedy that, in its tenth season, follows Sterling Archer, Lana Kane and their crew of acid-tongued misfits onboard the M/V Seamus salvage ship. An important question arises as they explore deep space and try to outsmart giant aliens, intergalactic pirates and vicious bounty hunters: how do they survive each other? Welcome to the space-tastic world of Archer: 1999.

The series features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as the hard-drinking Captain, “Sterling Archer;” Aisha Tyler as Archer’s Co-Captain and short-tempered ex-wife, “Lana Kane;” Jessica Walter as Archer’s mother and ball of energy, “Malory Archer;” Judy Greer as the eagle-eye fighter pilot, “Cheryl/Carol Tunt;” Chris Parnell as the attention-seeking First Mate, “Cyril Figgis;” Amber Nash as the crew’s rock monster muscle, “Pam Poovey;” Adam Reed as the out-of-place-in-space courtesan, “Ray Gillette;” and Lucky Yates as the synthetic human with questionable morals, “Algernop Krieger.”

Season 2
Season 2

Sn.2 Ep.13

"Double Trouble"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.13

Double Trouble

Expires in 4 days

Suspicion and jealousy are rife at ISIS as Krieger nears completion of a top-secret project, and Archer brings beautiful - and mysterious - former KGB agent Katya Kazanova home to meet Malory. Who reacts about like one would expect.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/21

Sn.2 Ep.12

"White Nights"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.12

White Nights

Expires in 4 days

Archer's search for his father's identity leads him behind the Iron Curtain...and into hot water! Old wounds are reopened when ODIN agent Barry Dylan is sent to rescue Archer, who falls in love with a beautiful - and mysterious - woman.

20 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/14

Sn.2 Ep.11

"Jeu Monégasque"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.11

Jeu Monégasque

Expires in 4 days

When a mysterious stranger summons Malory and her intrepid ISIS agents to Monaco, all bets are off! Well, actually all bets are on. Because Monaco is basically one giant casino, and Archer has $4 million in untraceable bearer bonds.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/07

Sn.2 Ep.10

"El Secuestro"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.10

El Secuestro

Expires in 4 days

ISIS goes into full lockdown after Pam is abducted by kidnappers. Wait, Pam? Yes, but the kidnappers were really after Cheryl/Carol. Wait, Cheryl/Carol? Yes, because Cheryl/Carol isn't quite who she appears to be. Or is it whom?

20 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/31

Sn.2 Ep.9

"Placebo Effect"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.9

Placebo Effect

Expires in 4 days

When Archer discovers the chemotherapy drugs he's been taking for his breast cancer are counterfeit - consisting mainly of sucrose and Zima - he sets out to destroy the criminals behind the scheme. Only this time, it's personal.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/24

Sn.2 Ep.8

"Stage Two"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.8

Stage Two

Expires in 4 days

After Malory's brief scare with breast cancer, another ISIS agent decides to be tested for the disease, with a tragic result. The other agent is Archer, and the tragic result is that yes, he has breast cancer.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/17

Sn.2 Ep.7

"Movie Star"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.7

Movie Star

Expires in 4 days

The normal childish squabbles, sneaky backbiting, and petty jealousies at ISIS are multiplied exponentially when a famous Hollywood actress, Rona Thorne, spends a week shadowing the agents as research for an upcoming role in a spy movie.

20 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/10

Sn.2 Ep.6

"Tragical History"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.6

Tragical History

Expires in 4 days

Tired of his colleagues constantly calling him a failure, Cyril agrees to help George Spelvin, a mysterious computer security expert, inject a virus into the ISIS mainframe so Cyril can defeat the virus and be seen as a hero.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/03

Sn.2 Ep.5

"The Double Deuce"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.5

The Double Deuce

Expires in 4 days

When members of Woodhouse's famed WWI Royal Flying Corps squadron (the old "Double Deuce") start dying mysteriously, he naturally suspects foul play. As does Archer, who tries to help his loyal manservant track down the killer.

20 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 02/24

Sn.2 Ep.4

"Pipeline Fever"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.4

Pipeline Fever

Expires in 4 days

While Malory tries to make ISIS a green workplace, Archer and Lana head to the Louisiana bayous to prevent a dangerous eco-terrorist from bombing America's largest natural gas pipeline.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 02/17

Sn.2 Ep.3

"Blood Test"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.3

Blood Test

Expires in 4 days

Archer is in for a huge (well, about ten pounds) surprise when his favorite call girl, Trinette, shows up at ISIS with a bouncing baby boy on her hip.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 02/10

Sn.2 Ep.2

"A Going Concern"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.2

A Going Concern

Expires in 4 days

After Malory is wiped out in a Ponzi scheme, she hatches a scheme of her own: selling ISIS - lock, stock and snack machines - to archrival spy agency ODIN.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 02/03

Sn.2 Ep.1

"Swiss Miss"

LATEST Sn.2 Ep.1

Swiss Miss

Expires in 4 days

In yet another attempt to secure funding for ISIS, Malory drags her agents to the luxury winter resort town of Gstaad to protect a Swiss billionaire's daughter from a kidnapping threat.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 01/27

  • “One of TV’s funniest shows”
    - The Daily Beast
  • “For nearly a decade now, Archer has been the smartest comedy on TV”
    - Nerdist
  • “Expect to be thrilled while laughing yourself silly”
    - Rotten Tomatoes
  • “Always brilliant, always entertaining”
    - San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Lush visuals, quick wit, and inventive, genre-inspired storytelling”
    - IndieWire
  • “Perfectly funny and fun”
    - AV Club
  • “[Archer has] been one of the funniest, freshest, most inventive animated comedies on the air since 2009, with the voice acting and the writing going hand-in-hand to deliver the goods”
    - Screen Rant