About the Show

FXX’s Archer is an original animated, half-hour comedy that follows Sterling Archer as he navigates the changing landscape of the spy world. In Season 12, Archer and gang face a new threat: a spy conglomerate known as IIA (International Intelligence Agency). With a limited number of spy jobs up for grabs, can the Agency compete against the soulless vultures of IIA, or will our mom-and-pop spy agency be the next to get swallowed alive?

The series features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as the (former) world’s greatest spy, “Sterling Archer;” Aisha Tyler as the spy with marital problems, “Lana Kane;” Jessica Walter as Archer’s mother and spymaster, “Malory Archer;” Judy Greer as the loveably crazy office assistant, “Cheryl/Carol Tunt;” Chris Parnell as the top office spy, “Cyril Figgis;” Amber Nash as the positively offensive go-getter, “Pam Poovey;” Adam Reed as the opportunist, “Ray Gillette” and Lucky Yates as the unscrupulous scientist, “Algernop Krieger.”

Archer was created by Adam Reed and is executive produced by Reed, Matt Thompson and Casey Willis at Floyd County Productions. The series is produced by FX Productions.

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Sn.12 Ep.8

"Mission: Difficult"

LATEST Sn.12 Ep.8

Mission: Difficult

Expires in 49 days

Archer is trapped inside IIA headquarters and Barry is trapped inside Other Barry.

24 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 10/06

Sn.12 Ep.7

"Colt Express"

LATEST Sn.12 Ep.7

Colt Express

Expires in 49 days

A mysterious stranger and a scavenger hunt helps Archer and the gang get a jump on their enemies.

22 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 09/29

Sn.12 Ep.6

"Dingo, Baby, Et Cetera"

LATEST Sn.12 Ep.6

Dingo, Baby, Et Cetera

Expires in 49 days

Lana makes rookie mistakes as ghosts from Archer’s past haunt him on a special mission.

22 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 09/22

Sn.12 Ep.5


LATEST Sn.12 Ep.5


Expires in 49 days

Sex, drugs, and monster trucks! Archer and the gang celebrate another barely successful mission.

22 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 09/15

Sn.12 Ep.4

"Photo Op"

LATEST Sn.12 Ep.4

Photo Op

Expires in 18 days

Archer and Lana face off against snakes, crocodiles and mercenaries to reunite a family.

23 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 09/08

Sn.12 Ep.3

"London Time"

LATEST Sn.12 Ep.3

London Time

Expires in 50 days

A mission across the pond turns into a trip down memory lane for Malory while Cheryl/Carol teaches Pam about British history.

23 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 09/01

Sn.12 Ep.1

"Identity Crisis"

LATEST Sn.12 Ep.1

Identity Crisis

Expires in 49 days

Archer and the gang just saved the world from a nuclear catastrophe and their reward is five nights in a rat-infested Moldovan hotel.

23 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 08/25

Sn.12 Ep.2


LATEST Sn.12 Ep.2


Expires in 49 days

The Agency embarks on a team building exercise that doesn't quite get off the ground.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 08/25

  • “one of the most ambitious and respected animated series of its generation”
    - Den Of Geek
  • “much-loved animated comedy”
    - TV Insider
  • “It’s still deeply satisfying to just spend time with these characters”
    - Bubble Blabber
  • “Season 12 feels like a true return to the excellence of Archer’s earliest adventures”
    - IGN
  • “Archer has never lost sight of itself. Its core sensibility and acerbic characters never falter”
    - Den Of Geek
  • “a genuine asset for Archer…is the excellence in animation and choreography”
    - Bubble Blabber
  • “Always brilliant, always entertaining”
    - San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Expect to be thrilled while laughing yourself silly”
    - Rotten Tomatoes
  • “Perfectly funny and fun”
    - The A.V. Club