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Season 11 Official Trailer

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FXX’s Archer is an original animated, half-hour comedy that, in its 11th season, follows Sterling Archer and his return to the spy world after a three-year coma. While many things changed during his absence, Archer is confident it will take just a little time for him to reset things back to the old ways. The problem: does the rest of the team want that? Everyone else has been doing pretty well and may not be ready for his return to throw a wrench in their well-oiled machine.

The series features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as the newly awakened secret agent, “Sterling Archer;” Aisha Tyler as super spy, “Lana Kane;” Jessica Walter as Archer’s mother and spymaster, “Malory Archer;” Judy Greer as the surprisingly well-adjusted assistant, “Cheryl/Carol Tunt;” Chris Parnell as the newly-minted alpha male, “Cyril Figgis;” Amber Nash as the lovable comrade in arms, “Pam Poovey;” Adam Reed as the consummate professional, “Ray Gillette;” and Lucky Yates as the unscrupulous scientist, “Algernop Krieger.”

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Season 7
Season 7

Sn.7 Ep.10

"Deadly Velvet: Part II"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.10

Deadly Velvet: Part II

Expires in 18 days

Things get even deadlier on the set of "Deadly Velvet" when someone turns up, you guessed it, dead.

24 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 06/02

Sn.7 Ep.9

"Deadly Velvet: Part I"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.9

Deadly Velvet: Part I

Expires in 18 days

Archer and the gang are hired by renowned director, Ellis Crane, to investigate suspicious activity on the set of his new movie, "Deadly Velvet."

22 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 05/26

Sn.7 Ep.8

"Liquid Lunch"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.8

Liquid Lunch

Expires in 18 days

The on-again, off-again relationship of Archer and Slater causes a rift in the on-again, off-again relationship of Archer and Lana.

20 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 05/19

Sn.7 Ep.7

"Double Indecency"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.7

Double Indecency

Expires in 18 days

Who's sexier, Cyril or Krieger? Pam or Cheryl? Only one way to find out… Bar fight!

19 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 05/12

Sn.7 Ep.6

"Bel Panto: Part II"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.6

Bel Panto: Part II

Expires in 18 days

A hostage negotiation spirals out of control when Archer and Lana go missing.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 05/05

Sn.7 Ep.5

"Bel Panto: Part I"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.5

Bel Panto: Part I

Expires in 18 days

Party crashers turn a fundraiser into no laughing matter.

22 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/28

Sn.7 Ep.4

"Motherless Child"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.4

Motherless Child

Expires in 18 days

A mysterious stranger needs Archer’s help in finding his birth mother.

22 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/21

Sn.7 Ep.3

"Deadly Prep"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.3

Deadly Prep

Expires in 18 days

A prep school reunion leads to an interesting business opportunity for Archer.

23 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/14

Sn.7 Ep.2

"The Handoff"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.2

The Handoff

Expires in 18 days

Archer and Lana make a tricky handoff while the rest of the gang hears the best voicemail ever.

22 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/07

Sn.7 Ep.1

"The Figgis Agency"

LATEST Sn.7 Ep.1

The Figgis Agency

Expires in 18 days

Archer breaks into a mansion to restore the honor of a Hollywood starlet.

21 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/01

  • “One of TV’s funniest shows”
    - The Daily Beast
  • “For nearly a decade now, Archer has been the smartest comedy on TV”
    - Nerdist
  • “Lush visuals, quick wit, and inventive, genre-inspired storytelling”
    - IndieWire
  • “Expect to be thrilled while laughing yourself silly”
    - Rotten Tomatoes
  • “[Archer has] been one of the funniest, freshest, most inventive animated comedies on the air since 2009, with the voice acting and the writing going hand-in-hand to deliver the goods”
    - Screen Rant
  • “Always brilliant, always entertaining”
    - San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Perfectly funny and fun”
    - AV Club