Lucky Yates as Krieger | Archer on FXX


Lucky Yates is the voice of “Krieger,” Dreamland’s bartender and resident heroin dealer. Krieger lives a mysterious life. When not alone in his darkened apartment, he’s alone in his secret laboratory. But can one truly be alone surrounded by horrific and twisted experiments?

Who is Lucky Yates? Lucky Yates is a man. A man from Detroit. He loves Detroit, sometimes a little too much. He’s all, “Blah blah blah, Detroit this and Detroit that.” It’s kind of annoying. But we forgive him.

He play acts and makes comedy jokes in Atlanta, GA, which is where he lives now. Atlanta is the Detroit of the South, or so sayeth he. He works at Dad’s Garage Theatre Co. with the lovely and talented Amber Nash.

Lucky frequently appeared on the Food Network show Good Eats with his pal Alton Brown, but then they stopped making that show. They still work together on a lot of stuff, though. Most of it puppet related. Oh yeah, Lucky is a great puppeteer. He puppeteered in that movie Elmo in Grouchland, but as his former self, Matt.

Lucky is now a film host on the TCM / Criterion streaming service FilmStruck. He loves movies. And hosting. He also likes weird and creepy stuff. He’s got a bad ass dog named Abe Jackson.

Ummm… what else? OH! He was once married to a Cherokee gal and then lived on the Reservation in North Carolina until he went crazy. Okay gotta go!