Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo | Fargo Year 1 on FX

Fargo: Year 1

Billy Bob Thornton

Lorne Malvo

Billy Bob Thornton Headshot

Some might call him a drifter, others a gun for hire, others still a spirit or trickster or devil. Lorne Malvo, portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton, moves from place to place turning people's lives upside down. Sometimes he does it for money, sometimes for fun. He has killed many people, but is not a serial killer. He has stolen sums large and small, but he is not a thief. The fact that there is no crime he won't commit, doesn't mean he's a criminal by any definition you'd understand. The truth is, he is fascinated by the search to find the weakness in everybody that he can exploit, to see what it takes to turn a civilized person into an animal. 

Career Highlights
Martin Freeman Headshot

Martin Freeman

as Lester Nygaard

As an insurance salesman, Lester is good-natured and earnest, but has spent his life slowly being brow-beaten by the world around him.


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