Miles Jupp as "Darren" | The Full Monty on FX

Miles Jupp


"Darren," portrayed by Miles Jupp, is recently divorced and looks up to the Monty men for advice on navigating life. Stuck in his ways, Darren tends to take life quite seriously and his only real passion is for woodwork and crafting from his garage. Without his ex-wife and mother around, he’s not entirely certain that he knows himself at all—he’s seemingly waiting for someone to tell him what to do. But after being laid off by his job, Darren’s beginning to question whether following the rules has ever really gotten him anywhere. 

Career Highlights

Miles Jupp’s television credits include Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, The Durrells, Rev., The Thick of It, The Crown, Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle, A Very British Scandal, SAS: Rogue Heroes, Balamory, Sex Education, Bad Move and Howards End

His film work includes Misbehaviour, The Monuments Men, Greed, The Look of Love, Made in Dagenham, Journey’s End, The Man Who Invented Christmas and recently Ridley Scott’s new film, Napoleon.

Jupp’s theater credits include People, Rules for Living (National Theatre), The Way of the World (Royal Theatre Northampton), A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (Citizens Theatre), Neville’s Island (Duke of York’s Theatre) and The Life I Lead (U.K. tour and Wyndham’s Theatre).

As a comedian, he has toured his shows Miles Jupp is the Chap You’re Thinking Of, Songs of Freedom and Fibber in the Heat. He has contributed to a number of BBC Radio 4 programs including The News Quiz, which he chaired for four years, and In and Out of the Kitchen, which he wrote and created. Jupp is the author of three books, the most recent of which is a novel, History.

Talitha Wing

as Destiny

Gaz’s daughter Destiny is tough, upfront and not to be messed with. She and her hard nut friends rule the school and terrify the younger students.