Jim Jeffferies as Jim Jefferies | Legit on FX

Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies

Still struggling to be altruistic instead of selfish, thoughtful instead of thoughtless and disciplined instead of hedonistic, "Jim" played by Jim Jefferies, is trying to better himself and the lives of those around him — and take a little (or let’s face it - a lot) for himself every chance he gets. After having been fired from a movie that is now a big hit, Jim struggles mightily with his career and his personal life. A string of missteps and disappointments culminate in an unlikely opportunity for Jim to get his career on track. The tables turn on him when he is sexually harassed by a female executive and, just when all seems lost, performs an edgy routine about gun control that earns some surprising attention.

Career Highlights

Jefferies, the Australian stand-up comedian and star of Legit, the FXX series he also wrote and produced, is regarded as one of the fastest rising, standout talents of his generation. The second season of Legit will premiere in February on the new network FXX.

A native of Sydney, Jefferies first found an audience for his comedy in Britain before moving to Los Angeles in 2009. He has been selling out in the United States ever since. He was first seen on HBO’s Down and Dirty with Jim Norton which lead to his explosively popular one-hour HBO special, I Swear to God. He followed that up with the Showtime special Alcoholocaust, and last year he continued his side splitting comedy with the release of Fully Functional on EPIX.

Jefferies is also a headline performer in Canada, Asia, South Africa, Europe and the U.K. including being one of the most successful acts at Edinburgh several years running. In Edinburgh, Jim performed for over 5,000 people with his critically acclaimed, smash hit solo shows. He was the talk of the Montreal “Just for Laughs” Comedy Festivals, wowing audiences with his performances. Jim first appeared at the “Just for Laughs” Festival in 2005, where he performed in the highly acclaimed “Nasty Show,” and has been selling out his solo shows ever since.

In England, he has appeared on such shows as ITV2’s Comedy Cuts and If.Com Eddies, as well as on BBC1’s Heaven & Earth, and BBC2’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Jefferies was also on Channel 4’s The History of Offensive Humor ,as well as The World Stands Up and Edinburgh and Beyond for the Paramount Comedy Channel.

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