Julian McMahon as Dr. Christian Troy | nip/tuck on FX

Julian McMahon

Dr. Christian Troy

Julian McMahon plays “Dr. Christian Troy,” the business partner, best friend and confidante of Dr. Sean McNamara. Handsome, charming, and often promiscuous, Christian has no sexual inhibitions as he enjoys the perks that his lucrative career offers. Last season, Christian became engaged to Michelle – only to end the engagement when he learned of her dark, criminal past. This season, he embraces the Los Angeles nightlife and attempts to keep a betrayal from Sean as he resides in Malibu with Wilber, his 5-year-old adopted son. Christian’s near-constant need for love and attention takes him on a sexual journey that surprises him. 

Career Highlights

Julian — who was nominated for a 2005 Golden Globe® Award and a 2006 Saturn® Award for Best Actor in a Television Drama for his work on nip/tuck— most recently appeared on the big screen in 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios’ summer sequel hit Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. Directed by Tim Story and based on the Marvel Comics franchise, Julian reprised the role of “Victor Von Doom,” the villain he portrayed in the original film adaptation of the comic book series. 

Previously, Julian appeared on the big screen opposite Sandra Bullock in Premonition and has completed work on the independent film Prisoner for writer/ directors David Alford and Robert Lynne. In this film, Julian stars as “Derek Plato,” a Hollywood film director who is taken hostage by a jailer while scouting an abandoned prison for his next movie. Julian made an impression on television audiences via his roles as “Detective John Grant” on the award-winning NBC drama series Profiler and the tortured demon “Cole Turner” on the popular series Charmed, which aired on The WB. 

Hailing from Australia, Julian was known to audiences there for his lead role in the primetime drama The Power, The Passion. He then joined the cast of the hit series Home and Away, which has also starred Guy Pearce, Heath Ledger, Martin Henderson and Naomi Watts. In 1992, McMahon broke into American television when he was cast as “Ian Rain” on the daytime drama Another World. He also co-starred in the cable movies In Quiet Night and Another Day, which was executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Shannen Doherty and Brad Renfro. His other television credits include a guest-starring role on Will & Grace

Additional feature film credits include Meet Market opposite Elizabeth Berkeley and Aisha Tyler, Wet and Wild Summer with Elliot Gould and Chasing Sleep with Jeff Daniels. He has also starred on stage, most notably in the Sydney and Melbourne productions of Love Letters. He currently lives in Los Angeles. 

Joely Richardson

as Julia McNamara

The ex-wife of Dr. Sean McNamara and the mother of Matt (whose biological father is Dr. Christian Troy), Annie and Conor.