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Julian McMahon

Dr. Christian Troy

Julian Mcmahon Cast

Julian McMahon plays “Dr. Christian Troy,” the business partner, best friend and confidante of Dr. Sean McNamara. Handsome, charming, and often promiscuous, Christian has no sexual inhibitions as he enjoys the perks that his lucrative career offers. Last season, Christian became engaged to Michelle – only to end the engagement when he learned of her dark, criminal past. This season, he embraces the Los Angeles nightlife and attempts to keep a betrayal from Sean as he resides in Malibu with Wilber, his 5-year-old adopted son. Christian’s near-constant need for love and attention takes him on a sexual journey that surprises him. 

Career Highlights
Joely Richardson Cast

Joely Richardson

as Julia McNamara

The ex-wife of Dr. Sean McNamara and the mother of Matt (whose biological father is Dr. Christian Troy), Annie and Conor.

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