Charles Murray | Co-Executive Producer, Writer, Director | Sons of Anarchy on FX

Charles Murray

Co-Executive Producer / Writer / Director

Charles Murray has spent the last 10+ years as a television writer and has worked with David Milch (Deadwood, NYPD Blue), Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues), Ed Bernero (Criminal Minds, Third Watch), and now Kurt Sutter. Working on shows like Castle, Criminal Minds and V, he’s cultivated a rich, methodical storytelling sensibility as well as the relationships one would imagine you need to feed an all-encompassing TV pipeline.

In addition to his TV work, he’s also written features for 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, and Screen Gems. He recently made his directorial debut with the feature film, Things Never Said and is looking forward to directing an episode of Sons of Anarchy in its final season.

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