Dmitry Lipkin | Creator, Executive Producer, Writer | The Riches on FX

Dmitry Lipkin

Creator / Executive Producer / Writer

Dmitry Lipkin was born in Moscow, but moved to Louisiana at the age of ten as a Russian refugee. Not knowing a word of English, he was tossed butt-ignorant into the world of southern American jewry where he promptly experienced flag football, Hebrew school and crawfish. He learned English by turning into a young, friendless couch potato and watching American TV. (He later became popular and was able to speak English with elan.) After an extraordinarily brief period in college where he planned to major in Diplomacy and International Relations, Lipkin luckily discovered writing.

Prior to The Riches, Lipkin was a playwright living in New York City, where he founded a theater company known as The Playwrights’ Collective, which produced big plays in small rooms. His work includes Cranes, produced by the New Group, Baton Rouge (Ensemble Studio Theater), Moscow Nights (A Contemporary Theater), and The Wanderer (O’Neill Theater Center, The Flea). He’s a recent alumnus of New Dramatists, a Manhattan Theater Club fellow, and holds an M.F.A from NYU. Lipkin now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Colette, and daughter, Tennessee.

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