Michael Rosenberg | Executive Producer | The Riches on FX

Michael Rosenberg

Executive Producer

LA raised, Michael Rosenberg moved to New York, where he landed his first job in entertainment in the mailroom at the William Morris Agency. Following a stint in concert promotion with Bill Graham Presents, Rosenberg segued into talent relations, where from 1996 through late 2004, he worked and represented production companies like Grosso/Jacobson productions and King Pictures, where Treasure Island, a Sundance Film Festival winner, was produced. He has also worked with several writers and producers such as Ed Neumeier (Robocop, Starship Troopers), Rod and Bruce Taylor and Harry Kloor (Earth: The Final Conflict), to name a few.

About two years ago, Rosenberg established the television department at Maverick, where he serves as President. One of his first moves was to bring Eddie Izzard and Dmitry Lipkin together in the early stages of The Riches development. Maverick Television’s past slate of programming includes two movie-of-the-week for VH1 and ABC Family, and MTV’s unscripted series I’m From Rolling Stone. Maverick currently has several series in development with their studio partner Fox 21.

Peter O'Fallon

Executive Producer / Director