Peter O'Fallon | Executive Producer, Director | The Riches on FX

Peter O'Fallon

Executive Producer / Director

Peter O’Fallon is an accomplished director, writer, and producer working in both features and television. As well as directing the film Suicide Kings, the cult classic starring Christopher Walken, Denis Leary and Jay Mohr, O’Fallon also directed and co-wrote A Rumor of Angels, which starred Vanessa Redgrave and Ray Liotta.

O’Fallon has directed some of TV’s most memorable pilots including American Gothic, Mysterious Ways (created and executive produced), Odd Jobs, Prey (also produced), That Was Then, Blade, Eureka and most recently The Riches. Additionally, O’Fallon has worked as a director on the hits thirtysomething, Northern Exposure, Party of Five (also produced), Kingpin, Wonderfalls, Prison Break and House.

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