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The Strain

Jonathan Hyde

Eldritch Palmer / The Master

Jonathan Hyde Headshot

Jonathan Hyde stars as “Eldritch Palmer / The Master.” After narrowly escaping a watery grave, the Master succeeded in spreading his strain and conquering the globe. Now, with Eldritch Palmer as his host and loyal Eichhorst by his side, the Master is focused on ensuring his infinite reign – a task that involves grooming Eph's son, Zack, for a mysterious purpose.

But while the Master's dominance seems absolute, one major threat still looms: Setrakian, Quinlan, Eph and the others are still out there somewhere, and the Master will stop at nothing to bring them to their knees.

Career Highlights
Kevin Durand Headshot

Kevin Durand

as Vasiliy Fet

Kevin Durand stars in FX’s thriller The Strain as “Vasiliy Fet,” a charismatic Ukrainian exterminator who trudges through North Dakota’s wilderness to find a nuclear bomb to kill the Master.

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