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Power, abuse, and the damage it leaves.

Exploring the complexities and consequences of a predatory relationship, A Teacher follows the stories of Claire Wilson (Kate Mara), a young teacher at a suburban Texas high school and her student, Eric Walker (Nick Robinson).

Beautiful and quietly enigmatic, Claire is the newest teacher at Westerbrook High School. Dissatisfied in her marriage to her college sweetheart Matt Mitchell (Ashley Zukerman), distant from her brother Nate Wilson (Adam David Thompson) and desperate for connection, she quickly befriends fellow teacher, Kathryn Sanders (Marielle Scott). Claire’s life changes when Eric, a charming all-American senior in her English class, asks for help preparing for his SAT test. Popular and outgoing, Eric is the captain of the soccer team and nearly inseparable from his best friends, Logan Davis (Shane Harper) and Josh Smith (Dylan Schmid). Everything seems perfect on the surface, but Eric is forced to juggle the pressures of school, applying for college and a part-time job, all while helping take care of his two younger brothers so his mother Sandy (Rya Ingrid Kihlstedt) can support the family. As Claire and Eric begin to spend more time together, boundaries are crossed, and a subtle game of grooming begins. The permanent damage left in the wake of Claire’s choices becomes impossible for them, and their friends and family, to ignore.

A Teacher is created by Hannah Fidell, who also serves as writer, director and executive producer. Kate Mara, Michael Costigan and Jason Bateman of Aggregate Films, Louise Shore and Danny Brocklehurst also executive produce. The 10-episode limited series is produced by FX Productions and will be available exclusively on FX on Hulu.

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Episode 1

Claire starts her first day teaching at a new school and meets her students, including Eric, a senior in her AP English class.

Episode 2

Eric gets caught for underage drinking and a new friend helps bail him out. Claire takes Eric on a field trip to a nearby college.

Episode 3

Tensions arise as Claire and Matt explore pregnancy options. Claire chaperones the homecoming dance and Eric comes clean about his true feelings.

Episode 4

Claire outlines the rules Eric must follow as their relationship takes a dramatic turn.

Episode 5

Claire and Eric go away on a secret trip to celebrate his 18th birthday.

Episode 6

As Claire’s world begins to crumble, an uncertain Eric is pressed to reveal intimate details of his relationship.

Episode 7

Eric tries to move on, but fallout from the affair continues to resurface in unexpected ways.

Episode 8

Claire attempts to restart her life. However, not everyone is ready for her to turn the page.

Episode 9

Claire and Eric separately hit their breaking points.

Episode 10

Claire and Eric have seemingly moved on with their lives, but a chance encounter brings new truths to light.

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Ground Rules

Eric didn't make the rules he has to play by.